What Is The Most Valuable Quality For An Entrepreneur?

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“It’s not enough to do what you love, you have to learn to sell what you love” Velizar V I don’t know if I have ever told you, but I’m a lawyer (you can find out more about me in “About me”). I was an excellent student at the university and I’ve worked in the legal area during my studies. I’ve worked in two of the biggest law firms in Bulgaria. These Law firms have some of the biggest international

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How To Find Your First Customers For Free

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We already know that in order to call somebody a customer, he must consciously choose to buy from you because of you or because of your brand. (lThe Shortest Guide to Find Customers) Somebody that is just buying from you because they saw you on eBay is not a customer, but merely a sale. A sale can lead to somebody becoming a customer and there are ways to convert sales into customers. However, this is not the topic of this

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The Shortest Guide To Finding Customers You Will Ever Find

finding customers

Recently a friend of mine, who runs a small business, asked me what are the most important actions that one should take at the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur. He had no company, web site or office, but he believed that these are the must-do things in the beginning, because without them “you don’t have a business”. I had another opinion on that matter. I told him, that in my view the most important thing for any business,

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Efficiency To The MAX or How To Use The 80/20 Rule – II

In the previous article I told you what I know about the 80/20 rule, now is time to tell you how to identify that 20% of the actions that will bring you 80% of the results. The answer might not be very satisfying for you – there is no exact formula for that and you will have to think creatively. Here are some tips: You have to take a massive action in many directions and analyze the feedback. That is how you’ll

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