The Movie “The Secret” – Does The Law Of Attraction Work (Sharing My Personal Experience)

The Three Step Process with Law of Attraction on Blackboard

Many of us have seen the movie “The Secret.” Yes, the one that says that you can sit on the couch, dreaming about a Ferrari and it will appear from nowhere on your front door with keys in the ignition. It looks good, but is this entirely accurate, half-truth or outright lie? Does the Law of Attraction work?

My experience with “The Secret” and does the Law of Attraction work?


The movie “The Secret” was the first film on the subject of personal development that I’ve watched. I remember that I was damn keen. I immediately undertook some of the steps there – I made my list of things I am grateful for because being thankful is the way to “bring more into your life.”

I also created a “Vision Board” – a corkboard on which I put pictures of desired things and experiences.


Then I wasn’t at all in a flourishing financial situation – just a graduate student (after state exams), which has yet to join the crowded market for young lawyers in Bulgaria and shout “hurray”, if someone offered him more than $400 per month (the average salary most of the young lawyers get when they start a job fresh out of law school).

So I remember from the movie that we only need to intend to have money (says Joe Vitale), ask for a specific amount, visualize it, and we shall have it.

“This is great” – I was telling myself. I set a specific amount – $1000 per month which amount by the ways is “Nothing for the Universe” because it requires the same effort to attract a million dollars and one dollar.

The $1000 I wanted from the Universe was a huge amount of money for me since I have been living on $250 during my entire study in law school. It was December 2013, and I set a realistic goal – I will have such income on the 1st of March 2014.

And so it began! Start with the visualization – I was seeing many crazy nights with friends, discos, cafes, holidays, etc. things that I thought $1000 are enough to bring about. Nothing happened in the first month. I continued to look for work and to live on $250 per month that I was receiving as rent. But the second month something happened.

I was working for a website that had the charitable public purpose of educating people about their rights and obligations under the Bulgarian law. So we were awarded a grant by a foundation. Boom!!! Another cash flow appeared in the balance! It was January 2014. So, my income has increased! In February 2014 they called me for an interview in one of the biggest law firms in Bulgaria and subsequently they hired me to work for them as a lawyer.

And? You won’t guess what was the net amount I was getting from my three income streams. You guessed it right – $1000. And guess what? The first day at the new job – the 1st of March 2014 (actually I began on 5th of March because of holidays).

Coincidence? I don’t think so. And the truth is a lot of things happened so that I can have the exact income I wanted by the 1st of March 2014. Is it strange that I managed to pull this off within the exact timeframe I set up for myself? Does the universe work so precisely or I’m just crazy?

And so – now it’s time to answer the questions whether the things presented in “The Secret” actually work. Whether the law of attraction can make us rich, healthy and successful? Is this just another lie, another huge industry that is like a parasite and feeds off the needs and wants of ordinary people? What is the secret to success? 

Do “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction work?

The answer for me is that “The Secret” doesn’t work; at least not in the way the movie presents it. But how is this possible? You were just explaining how “The Secret” worked for you and now you are saying that it does not work? 

Let me explain. The movie alleges that if you want to get something you need to go through three steps:

  • Put your specific goal (ask)
  • The universe is answering you (answer)
  • You get what you want (receive)


The truth is that the step “work hard for your goals” is spared from the equation. And this step is the most important and there is a reason why this step doesn’t appear. The movie is tailored great for its audience. Mostly people that want to get something for nothing. And it is very popular amongst that audience. I understand why – it is very tempting to be able to get something for nothing and believing that you will receive power from the universe to do that.

The movie does not say a word about taking action, failing, adjusting and then taking action again. The words “massive and deliberate action” don’t appear even once in the movie.

And I did exactly that. Not only did I set my goal and waited but I started actively looking for different ways in which I can achieve it, I was looking for opportunities, I was open-minded about what I can expect. I submitted my CVs to all kinds of law firms tailoring every application to the specific needs of the company. I was actively looking for a job. 

Don’t get me wrong. Change in the outside world has to be preceded by a change in the inside world. But only the change in the inside world is not enough. The universe wants to see an acting person that is taking massive action, not a person who visualizes driving a Ferrari while sitting on a chair in his living room and watching Big Brother.

If I can summarize – make the change in your inner world, fill yourself with gratitude, set specific goals and visualize but never limit yourself to doing just that. Be sure to take massive action and be ready to adjust along the way as the initial strategy is bound to change. Never expect something for nothing. Nothing in the world works like that. 



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