How To Find Your First Customers For Free

Finding customers free

We already know that in order to call somebody a customer, he must consciously choose to buy from you because of you or because of your brand. (lThe Shortest Guide to Find Customers) Somebody that is just buying from you because they saw you on eBay is not a customer, but merely a sale. A sale can lead to somebody becoming a customer and there are ways to convert sales into customers. However, this is not the topic of this article.


There are several ways to create a customer connection, but I will focus on only one of them – the method that requires the potential client to be prepared in advance, which means that we have to make him know you and trust you before the sale.

In general, there are many ways in which this can be done, but I will offer you the one that works best for me and I’ll give you guidance on how to take advantage of it properly.

After all, keep in mind that there are many other ways to create a customer. I just don’t want to tell you to “test and see what works” because usually it means that I’m not telling you anything that is of relevance to you. And I always strive to provide as much relevant info as I can in the articles I write. 

That’s why I want to share with you a specific strategy that I know first hand that leads to results. Let’s jump right into it.

Where we will do it

 Finding customers free 


My experience shows that social networks are the cheapest way to find customers nowadays. I’m not saying it works for all types of customers, but for those that it works, it works perfectly.

That’s why in order to find customers we’ll use Facebook. If someone tells you that you can’t find customers in Facebook because people use it just for entertainment and never buy, he’s lying, refusing to accept the reality or is still living in the past century. Facebook is a great place to directly make sales or prepare an audience for future ones.

How We Will Do It



Finding customers free


So, here is the action plan for your activities on Facebook:

  • Find groups where your potential clients go by using the search bar. Let me give you an example for the “make money online topic.” I typed it in the search bar and I came up with a decent amount of groups (make sure you choose to see only groups).

Finding customers free

 Here are the some of the groups that can a perfect fit:




You just click the Join button and wait to be approved if the group requires approval by an admin.

  • Go through the post and find out what kind of words the members of these groups use and what exactly their problems are. Make a list of the most commonly used words and the most common problems.
  • Begin to post content that would be useful to the audience there and their problems, by using words from the list of words that you’ve prepared.

Post content from other sources, so it doesn’t look like you are just there to promote yourself. Eventually you can do that but initially you have to establish what is called a “good will” with them.

Let them know you are not just there for the promotion but genuinely want to help them (and you should be really aiming at that, not just faking it).

  • Make native posts (post with useful content and no links in them). Be the expert. Talk to the people at their language. Talk about their problems.

Post 1 native post per group per week. These native posts are your chance to stand out and get noticed by the people that need a problem solved.

Don’t forget to empathize and to be really helpful, not just pretending to be!

  • Don’t promote yourself. Just leave contact information at the bottom of every post. For example:

Velizar Velichkov

Online Marketing Expert / Retirement Specialist

Address: XYZ

Phone number: XYZ


That’s how you leave the door open for the ones that want to contact you, after being sure that you are the one who can help them solve their problems.

If there are no groups on your topic – create one and invite your friends. Promote that group in other groups and by advertisements. What we do doesn’t change – we use the power of Facebook to accumulate impressions and ultimately to get eyeballs of people. I personally use this strategy to sell physical products in USA and it works great!

And something more – when you start making actual sales to people that have contacted you, these will be customers and not just occasional sales since you have already built the trust. And you know what the meaning of customers is! If you deliver well on your order they may become raving fans and may recommend you to other friends!

And remember – there are many other ways to create a customer, the one I told you about is just an example. You can always try to find a new ways.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, please share it with friends. 🙂

All the best,

Velizar V

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