The Most Important Rule For Success


In this episode you will hear:

What is the most important thing you need to consider when it comes to building your online business?

I must confess – I have changed my mind! There was a time when I thought that the most important things that you need to do to achieve your goals were:

– setting sound, smart and time-bounded goals
– hustling until you reach them

And this is a good strategy.

But it is very hard to work if you are not surrounded by like-minded people. This is how you will elevate your results automatically!

If you are an entrepreneur and you hang out with employees, you are screwed. Just think about it – what are the topics that they are discussing mostly? Will they help you achieve your goals?

Every thought and action become a permanent part of yourself. The subconscious mind picks up everything. That is why if you surround yourself with people that you can pick only negative thoughts from you are on your way to failure!

You need to surround yourself with quality people. This means:

  • People that are looking in the direction as you
  • People that are way ahead of you in the area of life that you need to improve – it can be in every area not just business but also fitness, relationships, etc

Here are a few steps that will help you in the process of finding these people:

  • Determine the area that you need to improve and search for a local community on Facebook. Join a few communities and contribute to them
  • Build a blog – I created my blog less than a year ago, and now I know or work with the best people in my field here in Bulgaria. I attribute a lot of that to the authority I have built for myself by creating a blog
  • Go to live events – it is an excellent way to meet with like-minded people, and the cost of the events are usually nothing compared to what you can learn.
  • Find local meetups of people in you niche
  • Be generous – give without expecting something in return. Give with nothing in mind.

Build you action plan on these steps and move forward!

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