How to increase you following on your business profile on Instagram – Part I

If I have to choose a social network
to create a brand right now,
it would be Instagram.

Gary Vee (probably the most famous marketer in the World)


Velizar 30
The adventure called Instagram started with a PDF.
Suddenly Anelia Magleva (you know her from the blog Nojici) sent me a single PDF with information that gave me everything I needed to know! A PDF that changed my perceptions of Instagram. A PDF that made me act immediately and it was one of the most profitable moves I’ve made so far in my business! A PDF that … I’ll tell you more about later!


My Instagram Story


February 2016


All I knew about Instagram was that some people use it to share some pictures and that was all! I had no clue how to build followers or to make money there.


May 2016

• The Instagram profile of my brand in the USA has more than 24 000 followers.


• My pictures have an enormous engagement compared to the other accounts in my business field.


• People text me a lot, I get more than 20 messages per day.


• I’ve sold products for thousands of dollars. People are definitely willing to buy there (something that I didn’t believe when I started)


• I have more than 10k new followers per month.


• Recently a brand in my business field (which I realized is a really big one) texted me to offer to send me an expensive item ($599) to test and write a post about in Instagram. I hardly stopped myself to tell them to send it to Bulgaria. They probably would have got sick to see that! 🙂

I expect more than 12 000 new followers in May 2016! I want to say that they are almost all people from the USA (because that’s where my market is). My future plans are focus exclusively on Instagram and Pinterest, which is the second social platform that I am developing an account in.
Why I’m telling you so much about my Instagram profile? It’s not to brag, but to show you what is really possible, if you put all your heart and soul in developing your presence in Instagram.


What You Need To Know About Instagram


You will probably ask how I do it? I’ll tell you everything that I know, but let’s first talk about Instagram as a social network, so you will have an idea what will you get into if you decide to create a profile. Here are the specifications of Instagram as a social network.


• Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks which now has more than 400 million users.


• It is almost 100% visual network – the quality of the pictures has a great impact on the results you will get.


• It is almost entirely mobile focused – the PC version is extremely reduced, so you can’t even post from a PC (in fact you can, but by using a special software).


• You have 5 main things that you can do – like, comment, post, follow and send messages.


• A friend request is not needed, you just follow people that you like (which, by the way, is the same for every other social network that I know, except Facebook).


• You can have only 1 link that is clickable – the link in your Bio. Posts are clickable only if they are paid advertising.
• Hashtags are what really important – you can you get three times more likes on your pics, if you use them correctly.


• In Instagram your posts have a greater reach than Facebook. I can’t be precise in terms of numbers here, but my observations say that generally it is about 5-10 times more.


• There are some huge brands that build their marketing strategy on Instagram (for example Shredz).


• The most important thing – people are willing to open their wallets on Instagram, which means they are ready to pay if you send them from Instagram to another website. Something I wasn’t sure about, but now I know it works from a first-hand experience!

My advice to you is to spend some time using it, if you’ve decided to start an account there so that you can gather some first-hand experience.

In the next article, we’ll talk about building followers in Instagram and the right way to engage them.

Also, you can follow my personal profile in Instagram, where I post original pictures for daily motivation! Click here!

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See you soon,

Velizar V

IMPORTANT: I do not give any guarantee for you to get results or make money with my ideas, information, tools and strategies presented in this blog. The results I have achieved are not typical and I am not even remotely implying that anyone can achieve such results or any results if they follow the same here.

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