How to increase the following on your business profile on Instagram – Part III

Once in the previous two articles, I told you about Instagram and strategies I use to gather followers there, now is the time to tell you how to post and what software I use.

If you haven’t reаd the previous two articles, here they are:

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How for 3 months I was able to build 24 000 followers on my business profile on Instagram – part II


How I post on Instagram




There are certain rules for posting. Some of them I’ve learned from courses, others are discovered and tested by me. However, this isn’t something you must stick on. Feel free to improve and test new strategies.

Here I’ll share them with you, so you can test them and see if they work for you and your specific purposes:

• Always post content that would resonate with your audience – if your profile is for pets, do not post pictures of cars there. This is not relevant to your audience.

• Always post beautiful pictures. I can’t describe in words how important it is to post good quality pictures. I’ve tested all sorts of things and I can tell you that on Instagram a beautiful picture with little or no text gets the most likes. Pictures that are full of text gets almost no likes.

• Use WordSlag to create pictures. (more about it in this article)

• Always add text (caption) that adds content to the picture, something from you. It may even be a comment or marking something obvious in the picture.

• Under the caption, you can place an invitation like: “Tag me in your best motivational photo and I will tag you in my post”. You can see how I’ve done it by clicking here. That’s how you’ll get a few tags per day – S4S. Find out more about this strategy here.(Link Instagram II). In my business account, this strategy brings me about 25 tags per day, which is great because that’s how more people know about my profile.

• Always use hashtags in a comment, not in the caption of the photo. Practically it looks like you have two comments under your post – one is the caption, and the other one is the comment. That’s how people can find you by hashtags, but they will not look bad in your caption. See how it looks like in the picture.
• You can find hashtags by searching in the Instagram search and then click on Tags section, as shown in the picture. At first, I advise you not to use top hashtags and to focus on those with a medium and small number of posts.

• Use emoji – This will increase the views of your posts.

• On Instagram, you can’t put new lines. There is no Enter button. To break large text into blocks, first write it in another program (such as Notes or Evernote) and then copy and paste it into Instagram.

• I personally post 4-5 times a day and that seems optimal to me.


What Software I Use


Software that I use are generally 4 – Captivate (application for iOS), Cleaner (application for iOS), Instagress and WordSwag. Let’s start in numerical order.

Captivate – costs $4 once and gives you the ability to follow automatically every hour followers of another account. It basically follows the strategy, called F4F, more about it here (link Instagram II). The app is only for iOS.

How to set it:

• Click on not to follow more than 50 people per hour, as the picture shows.

• Don’t follow profiles that you already follow and profiles that already follow you, as the picture shows.
Instagram post software

How to use it:

• Find the biggest profiles in your area by the app

• Click on their Followers and scroll down till at least 1000 shows up

• Go to Quick Select and then Actions – Follow

• The app will start to follow automatically on every hour. Once you follow all the profiles that you’ve chosen, repeat the same instructions again, so you can follow new profiles.

• That’s how you will follow 50 profiles now and 50 profiles every next hour till you follow all of them.

• Once you get closer to your follow limit, start to unfollow by Cleaner



Cleaner – costs $4 once and allows you to use ghost followers – people who never liked or commented on your content. It’s made by the same creator as Captivate.

How to set it:

• Don’t unfollow more than 50 people per hour, as the picture shows.


How to use it:
• Click on Following – List – Load All Users

• Quick Select – Select Ghost Followers (these are people, who never liked or commented your content)

• Actions – Unfollow

• That’s how you will unfollow 50 people now and 50 people per hour for the next few hours.

This practically is the F4F strategy or follow for follow. Before you use it, inquire as much about her. You can find more about it in my previous article (link Instagram II), but search Google, as well.

Instagress – a software that automates part of the actions you can do on Instagram, such as like, comment, follow and unfollow.

I, personally use it for everything. Just pay attention when commenting by the app, because sometimes the comment may show up in a really wired place, which doesn’t look good for the others.
I advise you to take a look at it and to test it for a few days, so you can decide to use it or not.

WordSwag – it’s a photo editing software, which is only available for iPhone (has no version for Android). It costs a few dollars, but it’s completely worth because it helps you do amazing pictures with beautiful fonts and almost no effort.

Pictures, which are ready and free to use can be found here: – That’s my favorite.

That’s how we finish our Instagram journey. I told you everything I know. It’s time for you to act now.
I wish you success!

You can follow my Instagram profile, as well, where I post original pictures for daily motivation. Click here!

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All the best!
Velizar V

IMPORTANT: I do not give any guarantee for you to get results or make money with my ideas, information, tools and strategies presented in this blog. The results I have achieved are not typical and I am not even remotely implying that anyone can achieve such results or any results if they follow the same here.

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