What Is The Most Valuable Quality For An Entrepreneur?

It’s not enough to do what you love,

you have to learn to sell what you love”

Velizar V

entrepreneur valuable quality

I don’t know if I have ever told you, but I’m a lawyer (you can find out more about me in “About me”). I was an excellent student at the university and I’ve worked in the legal area during my studies.

I’ve worked in two of the biggest law firms in Bulgaria. These Law firms have some of the biggest international corporations in Bulgaria as clients. During my work there I have learned some very valuable lessons that I now use in my own business. And I will share them with you!

While working, I noticed that all of my colleagues were amazing professionals. They are the top lawyers in Bulgaria. But what made an even bigger impression on me were the partners in the law firms.

I was mostly observing them since I’ve always wanted to be like them, to look like them and to have a successful business like them. What do you think was their most valuable quality? I don’t know if you have guessed it right, but I’ll tell you – to create customers, or put in other way – to fulfill the purpose of the business. And when saying customers I don’t mean likes on Facebook or an email list. I mean people, who get their wallets out and buy stuff.

They were just brilliant in it! I watched with amazement how they speak with the clients, the body language, and the persuasiveness with which they served the information both live and by email. Just brilliant!

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My stay in these two law firms was a great school for me and now I use a lot of the stuff that I learned there in my current business. I can confidently say that even now, having a very successful business, I would work for free for someone who can teach me how to create customers more effectively than I currently do.

If you think about it, in the big law firms, consultancies, etc. there is a division of labor. A large part of the narrow specialists works on specific cases (operative part of the business). They are generally good in their area, but they can’t find and create customers.

On the other hand, the partners are those, who create clients.

Guess whose job is better paid? You probably don’t have any doubts that the partners are better paid than the operational personnel. Why is that? I’ll tell you – because of the ability to create a customer is generally more valuable than the ability to actually solve the problem of the customer. Does this rule work for all areas and cases – definitely not. But it is so common, that it can be said to be the rule.

I will give you an example from my professional area – the practice of law. If I find a customer, I can find at least 5-10 brilliant lawyers, who solve the problem of this customer for 50% of the price. And I can get the other 50% without doing anything else (after I’ve found the client, of course).

Why is that! I’ll repeat – the ability to create a customer is more valuable than the ability to solve the problem of the customer.

That’s why if you want to have your own business, you need to learn how to sell, or at least to work with someone, who knows how to sell. This is the most important skill that you just have to have in your business.

Because no matter what kind of product you have, you can’t be successful if you can’t sell it. No matter what kind of talent you have, if you can’t promote yourself in front of the right audience, probably you won’t be successful.

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All the best!

Velizar V



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