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Making money online is easier than you think and can be sustainable. Read the whole article and you will see it for yourself! 

But before that:

Hey there. My name is Velizar V. I don’t want to bore you with my story, so I will just drop a few lines and get to the essence of what I want to say.

I am a lawyer, speaker and an online entrepreneur.

In 2014 I worked for one of the biggest law firms in my country. Job, which I hated. My salary was around $400. I had two more sources of income and was making good money and I had a well living. However, I was spending all that I was earning. I had a bright future as a hired worker (so exciting).

But one day I lost my job unexpectedly. I lost one of my sources of income, as well. The result is that I had to live with $200 per month, which is not enough for anything. I lost my home and had to live with a friend for a while (thank you Mitko for sheltering me!).

However, I was sure of one thing – I wanted to have my own business and be my own boss! Where I set my working hours by myself. Where I have the freedom to do whatever I want to do!

So I started digging for information on how to build that life!

The Fresh Start


I started to read stories of successful people and watch courses online! I really wanted to start making money online! And I was really fanatical about it – at one point I was reading 1 book per day using speed reading and smart reading techniques. However, you don’t have to read that much. All you need are the right things to read and then apply!

One of the books I’ve read was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and it totally blew my mind! I recommend it to all the people that haven’t read it!

making money online

This is where I discovered that I need to invest in assets (in my case these were online assets) and not in liabilities. Because for making money online you need to create online assets – this is how you can become rich, secure and free! 

Kiyosaki is talking more about physical assets (like real estate) whereas I started building online assets that are significantly easier to build and require less time and investment. I will talk more about that later.

Shortly after I read that I started building my online assets.

Building Online Assets


I started making money online with only $1000 (I already said, that I didn’t save at all when I was an employee). That’s all I had. I used to have a piece of bread with sugar for dinner and my budget for food was about $3 per day.

In short, I managed to build up a successful business for one year and helped a few other people to do the same. I’m not saying it was easy.

I passed through some pretty awful things like having no place to live in for 3 months, working 12 hours per day, being abandoned by all my employees at the same time, raising capital without having any experience with it, to learning things in motion.

But you know what? it is was worth it because I have my financial freedom now!

How was I able to pull it off?


One thing I have learned for sure is that life gives to givers and takes from takers. So I started giving generously all my knowledge in making money online. Everything has since been so much easier and more abundant that I’ve promised myself that I would share everything I know and learn with others to spare them the suffering I’ve been through.

making money online

So here is my strategy for success! I can’t really take credit for it since it is a summary of all I have read from 100+ books at that point.

So here it is! You need to do 4 things in a particular order:

  • Accumulate General Knowledge
  • Accumulate Specific Business Knowledge
  • Create A Plan
  • Execute

Let’s look into each one individually.

General Knowledge


This type of knowledge is about getting the general principles of success in the 4 areas of life – health, wealth, love and happiness. General means that these principles apply to all areas of life.

This category includes things like:

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  • Setting Goals
  • Achieving Goals
  • Managing Your Time
  • Negotiating
  • Mastering Your Mind
  • Building Strength
  • Motivating Yourself

General knowledge is the most important building block of the good life. If you have in place the other 3 blocks are easy to get.

However, general knowledge is harder to get. Most people, when they read the words “make money online”, think of some strategy like selling on eBay or on Fiverr that will get you the results you need.

In reality, if you are not mentally prepared with general knowledge, no strategy will work for you. I know this for a fact. I have taught specific knowledge to a few people that were not prepared generally for that.

making money online

Although the strategies were sound these people were not able to pull it off because they were not prepared with general knowledge. They were still not the right person to make that kind of money so their brain was blocking them from doing that.

And this is a mistake that a lot of people make. They believe that to have a successful business all you need is to know is how to implement a successful business model (specific knowledge).

Just knowing “the how”. How to start it, how to find clients, how to scale it, how to automate it.

This is not true and I learned it the hard way. How is the question, that most people ask me when they come for a business advice or to ask me to be their mentor.

But the right question is “who”.

This is the magical formula of success:

Being – Doing – Having

Most of the people start with Doing, without Being first. That’s not a successful formula. That’s why the first thing people ask is how – because they want to know what to do, to be successful, missing the first part of the equation.

To be more precise – You will learn the Being part by accumulating general knowledge and the Doing part by accumulating specific knowledge. 

You always have to start with the Being and focus solely on that part until you have it in place. Then it is time for the Doing or the specific knowledge.

Specific Business Knowledge


Here we are talking about online knowledge aka knowledge that will help you in making money online. This includes:

  • Choosing the right online business model
  • Mastering Social Media
  • Creating Websites
  • Driving Traffic
  • A Ton Of Other Things Depending On The Business Model

Specific business knowledge is easy to accumulate and fast in the online world.

Furthermore – it is is really easy to implement so you can start making money online fast! 

There are plenty of courses in websites like Udemy that can get you all the knowledge you need on a particular topic.

Creating A Plan


Creating a plan for making money online is the map that will show you how to get to the desired outcome in business and life.

making money online

This is where you will mix the general knowledge with the specific knowledge to figure out the activities that will get you to your goal. Creating a plan is relatively easy part and does not take a ton of time.

Don’t worry – I will show you how to do it in a matter of one day!



To start making money online you need to execute according to your plan. You need no more than 6-12 months of execution (if you have the general and specific knowledge in place) to start making more than $10 000 per month which is a great income for almost all parts of the world.

And don’t forget that it is entirely online – so all you need is a laptop and an internet connection! You can work from everywhere and you are not trading your hours for dollars!

Once you build your online assets you can really call yourself free!

What are the next steps?


If you relate to what you’ve read so far, you will love what I have to tell you yet.

I can’t describe it all in one article, so I’ve made a series of emails, templates and resources, that I will periodically share to give you my whole system of making great money online and living the good life!

What you need to do is to join my newsletter and I will start sharing information with you. You will get FREE access to all articles and resources and come with me on this journey to living life on your own terms, working from wherever you want in the world. This will always be FREE – I’m here to make an impact, not a few quick bucks.

making money online

I also know reading is rarely enough to get people moving, so I want to make this a community. A place where people will have support, advice and accountability to reach their own goals. Therefore, I decided to start a private Facebook group that everyone one the newsletter list will enter for FREE.

It will be a great place filled with online entrepreneurs that will share knowledge with each other.

Moreover, you will be able to contact me and my business partner directly with questions on Facebook if you join the group! I think the group was on the 6th day of emails if you subscribe to the list today! 

We will start with the general knowledge and move towards the next points. In fact, the whole first month of emails is about general knowledge that will prepare you and make you the right person to have online success!

Don’t hesitate – subscribe and join the movement. It might be one of the best decisions of your life.

Be part of a community of people like you that are financially free to live, work and party however they want, from wherever they want in the world. Imagine money filling up your account while working a few hours a day from the cozy little café downtown, from your own comfortable sofa at home or even from the chaise-long on a sand beach in Italy.

Join the newsletter and say Hi to a life of freedom and no limits and Get my eBook – The Last Goal Achieving Guide You Will Ever Need that will usually cost you $50! 

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